33 Kinds of pasta shapes with their makes use of and thrilling recipes

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With regards to pasta, the probabilities are countless. Ranging out of your beloved elbow macaroni and lengthy fettuccine pasta to underrated sorts of pasta like rotelli and orzo, there’s an awesome selection. In actual fact, pasta is a kind of versatile meals that may be freshly ready at dwelling maybe from a field in mere minutes, and may also be ordered at a 7-star restaurant as a delicacy. It’s devoured throughout the globe in numerous kinds. Individuals go for dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, mac and cheese, fettuccine Alfredo, Rooster Caesar Pasta Salad, and Potato Gnocchi.

Regardless of the recognition, with regards to ordering your self some pasta or maybe shopping for pasta, individuals simply can not provide you with their Italian names like fettuccine or bucatini. We have now in all probability eaten all types of pasta, nonetheless, with regards to their names we discover ourselves stumped or struggling to recall the actual pasta identify. Properly, let’s put an finish to that confusion. Scroll on for a crash course on the various kinds of pasta, their makes use of together with their photos as a result of the world of pasta is just not almost as exhaustive because it sounds, it’s really fairly unbelievable. Let’s discover out!

Kinds of pasta 

There are such a lot of various kinds of pasta on the market, it’s fairly pure to seek out your self stumbling with half Italian phrases. It’s really fairly wonderful how only one kind of ingredient might be molded and formed into totally different-looking meals. The excellent news is, that various kinds of pasta might be labeled into just a few fast classes, particularly, quick pasta, lengthy pasta, sheet pasta, stuffed pasta, and dumpling pasta. This checklist has round 33 sorts of pasta damaged down into 5 classes. These are those you’re prone to discover on an Italian restaurant’s menu and on the aisles of your common grocery shops.  

Lengthy Pasta

33 Types of pasta shapes with their uses and exciting recipes

Identical to it sounds lengthy pasta is skinny ribbon-like strands. You’d need to decide lengthy pasta while you’re going for creamy sauces and the least variety of components, usually only one. There are various kinds of lengthy pasta, like 

1. Spaghetti

33 Types of pasta shapes with their uses and exciting recipes

Spaghetti is without doubt one of the widespread sorts of lengthy pasta. It’s lengthy and cylinder-shaped. With regards to thickness it’s thicker than angel’s hair however thinner than bucatini. Spaghetti with meatballs is without doubt one of the basic spaghetti dishes. 


2. Angel’s hair

Angel’s hair pasta is one other lengthy pasta that’s lengthy however thinner than spaghetti. This pasta is normally cooked with mild oil and cream-based sauces. Widespread recipes embrace a basic marinara sauce pasta paired with shredded rooster. 

3. Bucatini

Bucatini is much like conventional spaghetti, the one distinction is it hole. That is what makes the noodle extra spherical and thicker wanting. It may be used to make soups, sauce-based pasta dishes, in addition to casseroles. Because it’s hole, bucatini helps in relishing additional sauce.

4. Fettuccine

33 Types of pasta shapes with their uses and exciting recipes

Fettuccine might be defined as flat spaghetti noodles. They’re denser, wider, and thicker that’s why they’re straightforward to pair with chunky meat gravies and sauces. Creamy alfredo fettuccine is widespread recipe. 

5. Linguine

Linguine is much like fettuccine, the one distinction is fettuccine is wider. Linguine is normally paired with seafood dishes and white wine sauces. If you happen to’re craving linguine pasta, it’s essential to go for any cream or white wine-based recipe.

6. Pappardelle

In case you have been instructed lengthy pasta can not get wider than fettuccine, meet pappardelle pasta noodles. Pappardelle is simply divine with wealthy meat-based dressings. It’s principally used for bolognese and seafood-based pasta dishes. Because it’s large, you possibly can toss it with all types of healthful sauces. 


7. Tagliatelle

One other lengthy pasta that it’s essential to find out about is tagliatelle. Usually it’s mistaken for Its fettuccine as a result of they’re each flattened and have equivalent widths. Nonetheless, tagliatelle normally has a thicker chew. It’s good for wealthy tomato and meat-based sauces.

8. Vermicelli

One other lengthy pasta that’s actually skinny is vermicelli. These skinny noodles style good with some olive oil and tomatoes. They’re additionally utilized in soups and stir-fry dishes. You will need to observe that there are two sorts of vermicelli noodles, Italian vermicelli which is made up of semolina, and Asian vermicelli which is made up of rice noodles. 

Quick Pasta

With regards to quick pasta, there are a number of shapes and kinds on the market. Quick noodles normally style greatest which thick and chunky sauces. They are often made with numerous meat and greens. Some widespread sorts of quick pasta are:

9. Elbows


You’ve obtained to find out about elbow pasta, you may name it macaroni out of your on a regular basis steady mac and cheese. This small, half-circled pasta can also be a unprecedented alternative of pasta for making casseroles.

10. Penne


One other highly regarded kind of quick pasta is penne pasta. It’s seemingly that you’ve a jar of penne pasta in your pantry. This hole cylindrical noodle has slanted edges, which makes it a super alternative for holding flavorful sauce. Penne pasta is also referred to as mostaccioli. It may be utilized in casseroles or in a rooster or zucchini-based dish.

11. Fusilli


You’ve in all probability wished to order some fusilli in arrabbiata sauce and struggled with the identify. Not anymore, these spiral-shaped noodles are one of the interesting quick pasta.  As a result of it’s spiraled it has the facility to seize all the additional sauce or dressing. Additionally, it’s sturdy which makes it straightforward to toss with meat-based thick sauces like marinara. It’s additionally extensively utilized in pasta salads.

12. Campanelle

Campanelle pasta is an underrated quick pasta that’s rolled like a cone. It has ruffled edges which make it appear like a small bell-shaped flower. It’s hole within the heart which helps it maintain thick sauces. Subsequent time, you need to make your mac and cheese with a twist, decide campanelle pasta. 

13. Casarecce

These are one other not-that well-liked tube-shaped pasta with barely open however rolled edges. They’re loosely rolled and barely twisted. These are additionally hole which helps them maintain the sauce. 

14. Cavatappi


Once more, an ideal various in your every day mac and cheese, these hole noodles are spiral-shaped. They’re additionally popularly often known as the double elbow pasta. The twists and turns in these noodles work completely to carry the area and hold it trapped. Plus, it appears so thrilling. 

15. Radiatori

If you happen to’re searching for one thing to revive your common soup and casserole recipes, it’s essential to go for radiatori noodles. Its distinctive form is alleged to resemble radiators and can also be popularly often known as pagoda pasta.

16. Rotini

You’ve obtained to strive these quick pasta should you like fusilli pasta. In actual fact, individuals normally mistake it for fusilli noodles as a result of they appear fairly comparable. The one distinction is rotini has a tighter spiral as in comparison with fusilli. Rotini can also be popularly often known as corkscrew-shaped pasta. From thicker and meatier sauces to oil-based or creamy bases rotini is simply good for a pasta dish.


17. Farfalle


Though it sounds tremendous difficult, farfalle is a cute little bow tie. Actually, it is without doubt one of the cutest-looking quick pasta on the market. It may be used to make an ideal pasta salad or a creamy bowl of pasta. 

18. Gemelli

Gemelli pasta noodles are merely two skinny noodles twisted collectively extra or like a DNA strand. These superbly formed pasta noodles are one other good various for a sauce-based vegetable pasta or an oil-based pasta recipe. 

19. Rotelli

Rotelli pasta noodles are small bite-sized pasta that appears like slightly wheel. If you happen to’re making a recipe for teenagers it’s essential to decide Rotelli pasta. It’s good for soups and sauce-based recipes. 

20. Rigatoni


Rigatoni appears loads like penne as a result of they’re each cylinder-shaped. The distinction between the 2 pasta is rigatoni is slightly stumpier compared. Plus, it doesn’t have slanted edges. Rigatoni can also be hole which works to carry and retain pasta sauces. 

21. Orecchiette

Orecchiette noodles are shell or ear-shaped bite-size noodles. Their attention-grabbing form makes it good for all types of pasta recipes. You may merely toss it with creamy sauces for a flavorful chew. 

22. Ziti

Ziti is one other quick pasta noodle that appears loads like penne. It’s cylindrical, and slim, however has straight edges. With regards to recipes baked ziti is without doubt one of the hottest ones. They’re casserole-friendly and on the identical time style improbable when tossed with some olive oil or maybe wealthy tomato sauce.

23. Conchiglie


Conchiglie is simply one other shell-shaped quick pasta. They’re out there in quite a few sizes and are good for thick or meaty gravies. 

24. Orzo

Orzo is without doubt one of the smallest pasta noodles on the market. In actual fact, they’re so small, that folks usually mistake them for grain. Resembling the form of rice these pasta noodles are simply good to enhance the textures of soups. Plus they style terrific in a salad. 

25. Ditalini

One other quick pasta that’s undoubtedly beloved is ditalini. These bite-sized pasta noodles are like elbow noodles with out the curve. They’re really tremendous small cylinders. They will substitute virtually all types of pasta. It’s generally utilized in recipes like minestrone soup and pasta fagioli.

Sheet Pasta

One other pasta class that permits a wide range of experimentation is sheet pasta. These pasta noodles are formed like sheets. Sure, they’re skinny and flat similar to sheets of paper. Right here is the widespread sheet pasta. 

26. Lasagne


Lasagne is a consolation meals that makes lasagne sheets one of the widespread pasta sorts.  These flat pasta sheets style like a dream when layered with cheese and your alternative of meat sauce. Individuals additionally go for vegan lasagne recipes which are simply as scrumptious. 

Crammed Pasta

Crammed pasta is without doubt one of the most fascinating pasta sorts. These pasta noodles can really be filled with a filling of your alternative. It’s possible you’ll fill it with tacky veggies or meat of your alternative, they only don’t disappoint. Here’s a few widespread stuffed pasta:

27. Tortellini


Tortellini are little donuts like pasta noodles. You may go for store-bought cheese or meat stuffed tortellini or handmake them like a professional, both manner, they only style wonderful. They’re normally served with broth or tomato soup. You may also toss them with slightly herbed olive oil and serve them with parmesan cheese.

28. Ravioli


Ravioli is one other stuffed pasta that’s square-shaped. Once more, you will get pre-stuffed ravioli in your grocery retailer aisles or go for hand-making them. Proper from cheese-filled veggies to meat ravioli might be filled with something.

29. Manicotti

Manicotti might be imagined as enormous penne noodles. Yep, it’s precisely the identical form and texture, manicotti is simply bigger. Manicotti might be stuffed with cheese and sauce stuffing. They may also be used to bake casseroles or cooked with a meat-based thick filling. 

30. Cannelloni


Cannelloni noodles are enormous tube-shaped pasta with no ridges. It’s principally like a sheet of pasta that’s rolled as tubes. Stuff it with some cheese, spinach, and corn, you may have your self a gorgeous-looking wholesome meal. 

31. Jumbo shells

Identical to the names counsel jumbo shells are jumbo-sized shell-shaped noodles. Truly, they merely are large-sized conchiglie pasta. Since is giant in dimension it may be filled with attention-grabbing fillings. Individuals normally go together with cheese-based fillings and prime it up with tomato sauces or herbs.

32. Mezzelune


Mezzelune pasta appears loads like flattened potsticker. They’re principally hand-rolled pasta that’s lower into ovals, filled with a filling of alternative, after which folded in half. They’re also referred to as crescent-shaped stuffed due to their half-moon-like form. 

Dumpling Pasta

If you’re a pasta lover, it’s essential to make your self conscious of this pasta class. Right here is essentially the most beloved dumpling pasta noodle it’s essential to find out about: 

33. Gnocchi


Gnocchi is Italian miniature pasta dumplings which are made with potatoes together with flour and eggs. With a wealthy potato taste, they’re undoubtedly a placing kind of pasta. Gnocchi might be cooked with creamy sauce or might be baked with pesto sauce, it at all times brings out a novel taste.


Different particular sorts of pasta

33 Types of pasta shapes with their uses and exciting recipes

Pasta is undoubtedly one of the versatile sorts of meals there’s. Aside from these 33 sorts of pasta, pasta may also be labeled in numerous classes apart from form. Your grocery retailer aisles are prone to have a pasta class that’s gluten-free variations, entire grain pasta, or entire wheat pasta. Individuals normally go for these classes as a option to have their favourite pasta dishes whereas consuming a balanced weight-reduction plan.  

The right way to decide the best pasta in your sauce?

Imagine it or not, with regards to pasta selecting the correct mixture of sauce and pasta form is very vital. In actual fact, it’s half the job performed. Usually, should you’re going for bigger pasta, it’s essential to go for thicker meaty gravies as they’ll maintain the sauce and are extra flavorful. Whereas thinner and longer pasta is appropriate for mild oil-based or cream-based sauces. Here’s a fast information with widespread pasta shapes and counsel recipes. 

Baked pasta dishes


If you happen to’re going for baked pasta dishes it’s essential to decide pasta shapes like elbows, gemelli, orzo, penne rigate, penne ziti, radiatorre, rigatoni, shells, or tortellini. Standard baked pasta dishes are, cheese baked ziti, baked eggplant cheese ziti, and baked cheese rigatoni

Butter or oil-based pasta dishes


If you happen to’re going for butter or oil-based pasta dishes, the beneficial pasta shapes are bucatini, capellini, linguine, penne, ziti, shells, or spaghetti. Listed here are some widespread however basic recipes: pasta a cacio e pepe, pasta alla gricia, and spaghetti all ‘aglio. 



If you happen to’re going for carbonara the beneficial pasta shapes are fusilli and spaghetti. Carbonara pasta with brussels sprouts and bucatini alla carbonara are some widespread carbonara recipes. 

Cream or cheese-based pasta 

cream pasta

If you happen to’re going for cream or cheese-based pasta listed here are the beneficial pasta shapes: casarecce, elbows, farfalle, fettuccine, linguine, penne, ziti, and radiatorre. Listed here are some widespread cheese-based pasta recipes, pumpkin alfredo, penne with peas, pancetta & cream and ziti with candy peas and prosciutto

Meat-based pasta 

If you happen to’re going for meat-based pasta sauces you possibly can pair them with pasta shapes like fusilli, rigatoni, shells, elbows, or spaghetti. Go for traditional meat-based recipes like bolognese sauce, braised beef with fusilli, or Sunday sauce.

Pasta salads

Make your pasta salads much more enjoyable by pairing them with pasta shapes like elbows, farfalle, fusilli, orecchiette, orzo, penne, ziti, or shells. Decide pasta dishes like Italian pasta salad, spicy veggies pasta salad, or rooster caesar pasta salad

Seafood sauces

sea food sauces

If you happen to’re going for seafood sauces, it’s clever to choose pasta shapes like bucatini, fettuccine, linguine, penne, ziti, or spaghetti. Go for dishes like linguine with clam sauce, basic shrimp pasta, or pasta with tuna sauce


If you happen to’re going for soups it’s essential to add orzo or another quick pasta. Go for recipes like pasta fagioli or rooster soup with whole-wheat pasta.

Tomato sauces

tomato sauce

If you happen to’re going for traditional tomato-based sauces, it’s essential to decide ziti, penne, fusilli, or spaghetti. Widespread tomato-based recipes are contemporary tomato pasta sauce and spaghetti pomodoro. 

Vegetable-rich pasta sauces

vegetable rich pasta sauces

If you happen to’re going for veggie-filled pasta dishes the beneficial pasta shapes are bucatini, elbows, fusilli, rigatoni, penne, ziti, radiatorre, rigatoni, shells, or spaghetti. Go for easy vegetable-rich recipes like chickpea and caponata pasta or easy marinara sauce pasta with mushrooms. 

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