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As we speak we discover the distinctive fruit rambutan, together with its mythology and how one can incorporate it into café drinks.


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As somebody raised by two immigrants from the Philippines, I grew up in a family the place ‘uncommon’ fruits have been a commonplace incidence. Nevertheless, I do know that there are various substances from my childhood that could be international to others, which is why I’m sharing my love and fascination for these flavors by our collection ”Know Your Substances.”

In at the moment’s installment, we’re persevering with our exploration of Asian—particularly Southeast Asian—flavors by turning our consideration to rambutan. Rambutan is a tropical fruit with origins primarily in Malaysia and Indonesia. This fruit can be generally grown in Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Hawaii. Its title comes from the Malaysian rambut, which means “hair”—a reference to the hair-like spikes on its exterior.

The Legend of Rambutan

An historic Philippine legend tells the story of how rambutan got here to be. Sooner or later, a person residing within the forests by Rabba Mountain got here throughout a deer being attacked by a tiger. Feeling sympathy for the deer, the person used an ax to wound the tiger, thus saving the deer’s life.

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After being rescued, the deer reworked, revealing itself to be a lovely fairy named Rodona. Rodona revealed that the tiger attempting to take her life was really Matesa, an evil witch who wished to have full management over the forest. Grateful to the person for saving her life, Rodona promised to grant him one want—and so he wished for a kid.

The person and his spouse quickly had a wholesome child lady and named her Rabona, a mixture of the title of Rabba Mountain and the fairy Rodona. Sooner or later, the younger lady Rabona discovered a cat within the woods and took it dwelling along with her. On the stroke of midnight, the cat reworked into its true identification: Matesa, the witch who had tried to kill the fairy Rodona however was wounded by the person.

As payback for the person wounding her, Matesa positioned a curse on the younger lady Rabona. The curse prompted the lady’s hair to develop thick, lengthy, and cumbersome, getting in the way in which of her potential to do something. Months handed, and in the future, Rabona—uninterested in being weighed down by her hair—awoke in the midst of the evening to burn down her dad and mom’ hut.

The following morning, the dad and mom woke to the hut burned to the bottom—and Rabona was nowhere to be discovered. In her place, a tree had grown, adorned with peculiar fruits with lengthy, thick, spiny “hair” rising from their pores and skin. When the dad and mom tasted the fruit, it was candy—and so they instantly knew that it was Rabona. To honor their misplaced daughter, they named the fruit rambutan, and it will ultimately develop into often called one of many sweetest fruits the area had ever produced. 

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Rambutan Across the World

Rambutan’s flesh has a texture much like a grape, with a candy and barely tart taste. It’s popularly used all through Asia in juices, ice cream, smoothies, and different desserts. Rambutan can even generally be seen in savory dishes like salad, soup, and curry. As we speak, rambutan is understood globally as a superfruit—wealthy in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and extra.  

Rambutan in Café Drinks

Rambutan will be included into drinks the way in which that every other fruit would. Curious to do this fruit for your self? Attempt our iced rambutan matcha latte recipe under!

An image of a red matcha bowl with a bamboo matcha whisk inside it. There is a glass of iced matcha beside the bowl. Scattered on the table are three small rambutan fruits, still whole.
Rambutan is ideal in syrups to jazz up drinks like iced matcha. Photograph by Emily Meneses.

Iced Rambutan Matcha Latte


Rambutan syrup:
1 cup cane sugar 

1 cup water 

9-10 rambutan fruits, peeled and roughly chopped

Matcha latte:

1 teaspoon matcha powder 

2 oz. sizzling water 

8 oz. milk

First, make your rambutan syrup. To take action, whisk the sugar and 1 cup of water collectively in a small saucepan over medium warmth. Boil the mixture for five minutes. Take away the pan from the warmth, then add your chopped rambutan and mash every thing along with a potato masher or a fork. Cowl the saucepan with a lid and permit every thing to steep for half-hour.

After half-hour, pressure the combination right into a bowl or a jar. You may as well add a few of the crushed fruit to the syrup for texture if you happen to’d like. Now you may have your rambutan syrup, which you’ll add to drinks as you please! You may retailer the syrup within the fridge safely for as much as per week.

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Subsequent, make your matcha latte by whisking your matcha powder with the two ounces of sizzling water. Add this combination to your 8 ounces of milk (various milk is okay). Add 2 ounces of your home made rambutan syrup and stir.

Pour the mixture over ice, and it’s able to serve!


Primarily based in Los Angeles, Emily Meneses (she/her) is a author and musician captivated with tradition and collective care. You may frequently discover her at Echo Park Lake, consuming a cortado and journaling about astrology, artwork, Animal Crossing, and her goals.

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