Misunderstood Espresso Drinks: The Cortado

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We check out the historical past and recognition of the diminutive cortado.


Photographs by Eddie Gomez

Cortados are in all places on specialty-coffee menus at this time, however that hasn’t at all times been the case. Earlier than we will have a look at why the cortado is an particularly misunderstood drink, let’s speak about what makes a cortado a cortado. The sturdy however small-sized drink is mainly a flavorful mixture of equal components espresso and milk, normally in a serving of about 4 ounces. The milk is barely steamed however to not the purpose the place a lot texture is created. The all-important ratio of espresso-to-milk and the steadiness of flavors it produces additionally occurs to be one of many causes a legion of followers name the drink their favourite.

A cortado with a hint of latte art on a counter in a cafe.
A cortado from Caffettino in Modesto, Calif.

The Stability of Sweetness

The proportion of espresso to take advantage of in a cortado performs a significant position within the drink’s enchantment. Cortado followers benefit from the boldness of espresso, however they particularly respect the balanced sweetness that milk provides to the drink. The everyday 4-ounce dimension reminds us that the small drink packs a robust punch. Milk helps to steadiness out espresso’s naturally excessive acidity and bitterness, which can be a bit too sturdy by itself for some espresso lovers

I wished to know extra in regards to the espresso-to-milk ratio of a cortado, so I reached out to Aaron Duckworth, a espresso skilled who designs seasonal drinks for Parisi Espresso in Kansas Metropolis, Mo. He mentions that “for individuals who like espresso-forward drinks, the cortado retains distinctive or excellent taste notes which can be accentuated by the sweetness of milk with out being diluted by it. For instance, the fragrant fruit bomb of an Ethiopian espresso will nonetheless be there. It’s going to solely be barely sweetened by milk.” The cortado finally ends up being an excellent selection for individuals who benefit from the daring taste of espresso as a result of the lactose within the milk supplies simply sufficient sweetness for a balanced style mixture with out having so as to add any sugary substances.

A coffee drink in a to-go carrier with a lid next to it.
A cortado served to-go in Las Vegas at Dandelion Chocolate.

A Little bit of Historical past

The cortado originates from Spain’s Basque area and is known as for the Spanish verb “cortar,” which implies to chop. It’s straightforward sufficient to grasp that the milk figuratively cuts down the bitter style of espresso. When a cortado is made appropriately, the espresso’s daring style is subtle however not diminished by the addition of equal components milk. Initially, the cortado’s reputation unfold all through the Iberian Peninsula, from Galicia to Portugal, after which to Latin American nations. By the tip of the twentieth century, cortados have been being served all through the world.

 In a New York Instances Journal article from 2010, author Oliver Strand particulars the rise in reputation of the cortado. He traces the cortado’s origins in america to a Blue Bottle Espresso worker in San Francisco. In line with to Strand, “Steve Ford … formulated a cortado-like drink and named it after the glass through which it was served, the 4 1/2-ounce Gibraltar, manufactured by Libbey.” In detailing the cortado’s first look in Manhattan and the next curiosity within the stylish drink, Strand says, “The Gibraltar got here to New York when Ford logged a couple of shifts at Cafe Grumpy.” One other origin story within the article has one in every of Ford’s former co-workers at Blue Bottle Espresso taking the cortado recipe to the café Abraco, additionally in Manhattan. Regardless of the case could also be, the cortado is nicely into its third decade of gracing café menus world wide.

Cortado or Gibraltar?

One more reason that cortados are misunderstood has to do with the easy proven fact that they’re known as by completely different names elsewhere. As the recognition of cortados unfold from area to area, the drink typically took on new names. For instance, in Australia, a cortado-like drink known as a piccolo, and in Cuba it’s known as a cortadito, the diminutive type of the phrase cortado. In France a drink intently resembling a cortado known as a noisette. And, in fact, in america the title cortado and Gibraltar appear to be interchangeable. 

A cortado in a glass on a counter in front of a coffee roaster.
The standard 4-ounce glass is key to the cortado.

Dimension Is Every part

One rule within the cortado universe is just about set in stone, whether or not you name it a Gibraltar, a piccolo, or a noisette: The scale doesn’t change. The usual 4 ounces of liquid quantity just isn’t going to alter any time quickly. There aren’t any mini or massive variations of a cortado. Easy, proper? Baristas the world over, nonetheless, have been annoyed by clients who request bigger variations of a cortado just because they’re used to large lattes and cappuccinos. The issue with grouping a cortado with the Italian espresso delicacies drinks is that buyers assume they will ask for a bigger dimension with out realizing {that a} bigger dimension means it’s now not a cortado. 

Ruben Pablo, a well known Las Vegas-area barista who works at Bungalow Espresso, not too long ago supplied a proof on why a cortado ought to by no means be greater than the normal 4 ounces. He mentions, “A double shot of espresso is roughly 2 ounces, so an equal quantity of milk places you at 4 ounces—simply the best dimension to convey out one of the best of the mix. When folks need a bigger model they disrupt this steadiness, and the best option to get to a bigger drink is so as to add extra milk, after which they’re higher off ordering a latte or cappuccino.”

The Function of Milk

It is very important word {that a} cortado just isn’t meant to have a thick layer of foamed milk on prime of it like a latte or cappuccino. The first goal of the milk in a cortado is to create a flavorful steadiness of sweetness when mixed in equal components with the espresso. The milk ought to solely be steamed lengthy sufficient to return to temperature, however not stretched to the purpose the place texture alters the expertise of having fun with the simplicity of two substances. 

In different phrases, having a thick layer of near-chewable foam belongs to a different class of espresso-based drinks, however not the cortado. There simply isn’t sufficient room in a Gibraltar glass to accommodate a 3rd dimension created by including a head of textured milk. The cortado retains it easy that approach, however baristas usually embellish them with easy latte artwork designs, which makes them enjoyable to have a look at, miniature variations of their greater, Italian cousins.

The Timing

One other side of cortados that’s simply misunderstood surrounds the period of time it takes to devour one. Sure, there’s a sure timeliness to the artwork of having fun with cortado. It’s not a shot of whiskey, so there’s no throwing again one’s head and tossing it down the chute in a single fast movement. There may be additionally not sufficient quantity within the drink to take a seat again and watch the world go by whereas consuming it. That could be a luxurious that comes with greater drinks similar to lattes and cappuccinos. The steadiness when it comes to timing lies someplace in the midst of these two extremes—maybe a sip, after which one other, after which a fast end.

If you’re an enormous fan of the cortado, you most likely already perceive its defining options and the necessity to maintain issues easy. The remainder of us will study to indulge its finer factors with out wanting to alter something about its completely easy recipe. 


Eddie P. Gomez (he/him) is a contract author based mostly in Modesto, Calif. When he isn’t substitute educating kindergarten lessons, he wanders from metropolis to metropolis, perfecting the artwork of the meals and low journey.

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