Thrilling Korean summer time cooler recipes that you just should strive

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The winters are formally over and whereas some components of the nation welcome spring, others have skipped forward to bask in the summertime warmth. If the temperatures have been hovering in your area, then it’s time to chill off with seasonal fruit and summer time coolers. It seems Korea has some fabulous non-alcoholic drinks and pleasant punches that additionally assist digestion. Proper from SuJeongGwa the brewed Cinnamon Punch to Sikhye or Korean candy rice drink, learn on to find conventional Korean recipes you possibly can concoct at dwelling. Listed below are some fruity summer time coolers that you just should strive.

  1. Galaxy Lemonade or a Colour change Slushie

Whereas the traditional lemonade is an unbeatable traditional, the Galaxy Lemonade or color change slushie comes near dethroning the traditional. It’s a color layered drink laced with tropical fruit flavours for an added twist. Not solely will this cool you within the summers, but it surely is a wonderful drink to serve company at a celebration. You possibly can even lace it with liquor to make a scrumptious cocktail.

  1. Subak Hwachae or Korean Watermelon Punch

For the uninitiated, a Hwachae is historically a Korean fruit punch. It’s a non-alcoholic drink sipped on when the climate will get heat and might be made with seasonal fruit. Spiked with edible flower petals which can be honey laced, the drink is massively widespread in Korea. Whereas some use condensed milk, others go for honey or berry juice for lending it sweetness. Today, in South Korea individuals add soda or different carbonated drinks to the punch for a fizzy twist.

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  1. Sujeonggwa or Korean cinnamon punch

If you happen to’d wish to savour one other drink native to Korea, then Sujeonggwa is for you. A traditional Korean cinnamon punch, it has a reddish-brown hue as it’s liberally laced with Dried persimmons and ginger. Some use pine nuts as a garnished for the drink that’s slowly brewed by boiling cinnamon with ginger.

  1. Sikhye or Korean Rice Punch

Yet one more Korean delight is Sikhye or Candy Rice Punch. That is an age-old recipe for the normal drink that’s ideally sipped after the meal is accomplished. It is a dessert substitute for when the solar makes the area swelteringly scorching.

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